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Moscow State Institute for Tourism Industry n.a. Yu. Senkevich
MSIIT is one of the most broad-based tourism institutions of higher education in the Russian Federation, offering bachelor’s programmes with several specializations to choose from. Some departments also offer the possibility of conducting part of your bachelor’s study abroad. MSIIT, one of the oldest Institutes for tourism industry in Russia, has for decades enjoyed an excellent reputation both inside and outside the country.
A MSIIT bachelor’s diploma provides you with a firm basis for entering the employment market both at home and internationally.
What makes MSIIT so special? 
Significant range of programmes
We offer 20 bachelor’s programmes within 400 disciplines.
Strong emphasis on the combination of education and research
Using the opportunities provided by the MSIIT Students’ Research Association and taking part in annual conferences, bachelor’s students are closely involved in the researches carried out within their department.
Individual attention for bachelor’s students
In the bachelor’s programmes, teaching is provided on both a large individual and scales. This more individual approach allows you to get the maximum benefit from your bachelor’s study.
International reputation
Not only do research and education in MSIIT enjoy a prominent reputation, MSIIT students have opportunities to conduct part of their study abroad, and each year a number of international students are welcomed to study in MSIIT.
University as an integral part of the city
In Moscow, MSIIT is in the heart of the city. The city has a warm and friendly atmosphere and its attractive cafés and parks are ready to welcome you – there you and your fellow students can gather after lectures to continue your discussions in a relaxed social environment.
Centrally located in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation
The centre of Moscow is within 10 miles from the Institute. This is handy for MSIIT students who want to take a fascinating work along Red Square or Arbat Street and see how professional guides and group leaders are working.
A multi-cultural learning environment
Classes are made up of students from a range of cultural backgrounds.
High perception of personal safety
MSIIT is a student area where students feel safe and secure
Highly qualified teaching staff
MSIIT courses are taught by professors and assistant professors, and generally not by PhD and post-doc students.
Strong commitment to traditions
Being one of the oldest tourist institutes in Russia, MSIIT has strong commitments both to traditions of Russian hospitality and world recognised Russian academic traditions.