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MSITI annually holds seven international research and practice conferences. They attract Russian and foreign researchers and teachers, representatives of the Moscow and Russian governments and the Russian and foreign business communities. A number of MSITI’s research conferences are organized and held in cooperation with certain foreign universities – MSITI’s partners.

Joint researches are conducted in cooperation with representatives of the scientific communities of Great Britain, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries.
         MSITI researchers’ articles in English are published in leading Russian and foreign journals and proceedings of major international research conferences and indexed in the Web of Science / Web of Knowledge, Scopus, EBSCO and other electronic databases.

MSITI students and teachers win international competitions and receive grants from international foundations.

The Institute strives for integration of the research, practice and learning processes. This integration results in a higher demand for MSITI graduates in the labour market and the use of the research results by enterprises of the tourism and hospitality industries.