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Outdoors activities

MSITI students do not only study ardently mastering their future professions and developing their generic and professional competencies, they live very active lives beyond the classrooms.

The Institute provides the students with opportunities to develop their talents and personalities at large. The students take part in the Moscow students’ parades, sports competitions and tournaments, all sorts of creative competitions and contests, intellectual games and TV shows, and even in beauty contests.

The Institute has sports sections of mini-soccer, volleyball, tennis, and cheerleading. At this year championship of the Russian Students’ Sports Union MSITI’s cheerleading team was awarded the third prize in the nomination “Cheer-Dance-Show.”

Civic and patriotic education is also very important for MSITI students. Every year the students take an active part in citywide civic-patriotic concerts, marches, rallies, and other campaigns and patronize war and labour veterans.

Moscow State Institute for Tourism Industry n.a. Yu. Senkevich is an area free of smoking, drugs and alcohol. The Institute organizes regular lectures, meetings, concerts, and other events to prevent drug and alcohol-abuse among the students.