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MSITI students practice in foreign commercial enterprises in the sphere of tourism and hospitality – the Institute’s partner hotels and travel agencies in Austria, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.
         Winter and summer language schools are organizes in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, and Spain. The Institute arranges experience exchanges with foreign teachers and researchers.

To involve the students in their future professions and develop their social functions in accordance with their specializations and levels of training, the Institute has created a complex system of training professionals – competent, responsible, highly qualified specialist, forming particular personal qualities necessary for their future effective professional activity. To promote the students’ professional development, they are motivated to participate in annual international and all-Russian research and practice conferences and trade fairs – Moscow International Trade Fair, the Annual International Student Research & Practice Conference, the International Student Research & Practice Conference “Types of Tourism in the Moscow Region,” and many others.